Never Odd or Even Etiquette

Last updated July 25, 2012
1. Guild Bank
  1. For your use only. Items are NOT to be traded, shared, resold or auctioned off.
  2. Pay it forward. Please make an equal contribution for whatever you pull out.
  3. There are no loans. Cash in the bank may be used for repair bills only. We give out any surplus we may accumulate in random activities throught the year.
2. Guild Chat
  1. Spamming = Instant gkick.
  2. Flaming = instant gkick.
  3. Fighting = instant gkick.
  4. Generally speaking, keep the conversation civil. Swearing within reason is permitted, but certainly not at each other. Use common sense; think before you speak and you should be fine.
3. Dungeons & Raids
  1. Rolling. Unless you need it, greed it.
  2. Recipes. Anyone in the group who can use the recipe may roll on it first. If no one can use the recipe, then the remainder of the group may roll on it.
  3. Attendance. The priority of those wishing to attend a raid will go first to those who signed up, second to those who are on time and the remainder on a class need basis.
  4. DKP. Never Odd or Even does not use dungeon kill points or any other means to track member attendance of raids. If you show up, you have a greater chance to get stuff than those who didn't show up. Loot distribution is done as fair as possible.
  5. Gear & Rotation. Be appropriately geared and know your class/spec rotation BEFORE attending a dungeon or raid so you are contributing and not carried. This goes for guild and non-guild dungeons/raids alike... please proudly and curteously represent our guild at all times, regardless of company.
4. Ventrilo
  1. Soundboards and/or other pre-recorded sounds are prohibited.
  2. Recording of any conversation is prohibited.
5. How Ranking Works
  1. Initiate. Any member under the level of 10. Initiates have no guild bank access.
  2. Member. Any member between the level of 10 and under the maximum level. Members have limited guild bank access.
  3. Veteren. Any member that has achieved the maximum level AND has been a member for a minimum of 24 hours. Veterens have full access to the guild bank.
  4. Officer. Officers are hand-selected members [by the GM] who have demonstrated their commitment to the guild by improving it in some form or fashion, be it leading raids, PvP or simply always being available to help members looking for help. Officers have access to member removal, promotions and officer chat. Officers are all considered GMs and vice versa. Officers are ultimately the guild judges and are the final call on decisions. Depending on the decision, a decision may be concluded upon by one officer or ALL of the officers. The most important part of being an officer is frequent communication.
  5. Guild Manager. The position only exists because the game requires it. The GM's sole responsibility is selecting officers. The GM is considered an officer and vice versa.
6. Miscellaneous
  1. Recruiting. Any member has the ability to invite (/ginvite) a non-member into the guild. We do not use the in-game recruiting feature (it is disabled) because members simply don't think to look to invite when the potential recruits are online... or rather, the feature does not work effectively for us for the time being. Officers may occasionally perform mass recruiting, which currently involves inviting non-guilded characters level 20+.
  2. Guild Kicks. Guild kicks are not random and are always done with a reason; HOWEVER, there are no warnings. If an officer feels an individual needs to be removed from the guild for whatever reason, the decision of that officer goes.
  3. Inactivity. After TWO MONTHS of inactivity, a character is considered eligible for removal from the guild at the discretion of the officers.